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Self Proclaimed Producer - Puppeteer - Co Creator


Johnny is an avid sock enthusiast and professional schmoozer. If you find him on the street, he will probably tell you about our project. Johnny will pitch ideas, give input, and make a few jokes in pre-production. In production, he usually ends up an hour late without kolaches, so he is subjected to our crew's hazings, what he lacks in breakfast he makes up for in lunch. In post production, when JZ is available (when he feels like it), he brings a steadfast attention to detail and holds the bar for quality, unless he has to do the work. Then its weaponized incompetence and Brady picks up the slack!



Music Recreation - Writers - Performance

Musical wizards behind the tunes is the versatile performing artist, RIVETHEAD. When found in their natural habitat, RivetHead can sound like an industrial, mildly electronic, rock band with big riffs, impactful lyrics, and marching drums. Match them up with sock puppets and you get a masterful tribute that honors the track with a puppet twist. They bring such a dead on energy to the work that it rivals the original.

RivetHead enables this specific flavor of debauchery and sets the baseline for the necessary production value a Sock Puppet Parody music video brings.

Listen to them at


Puppet Master - Production Designer - Graphics Artist

Carolina Govea is a creative genius mastermind. "Why? That sounds really bold, no way that's true." No it's true. Her creative imagination is like a little steam boat floating down the Amazonian river exploring the vast unknowns, but alas, her vessel has no steering wheel. It's chaos. Speaking of chaos, she can be described as chaotic evil's best intentions. If she doesn't like something she WILL be heard and if not heard, you will feel her wrath. She is an expert at critique, so you'd better get it right the first time... or else.

Carolina's creative energy has built the entire look of Sock Puppet Parody. The juxtaposition of cute and fierce is her imprint on SPP's DNA and we wouldn't have it any other way. She will sketch up plans and puppets, give jsut the right input to perfect a puppet's look and make sure we keep the project visually captivating


Cinematographer - Co Director

Jay is tasked with recording all of these shenanigans. He tolerates it well, but only because his love for film carries him through production. If things get a bit too weird, you may hear him blurt out "I didn't spend four years at Harvard for this" in between takes. Though rare, a shot may occasionally earn a "Jay Bedrich Seal of Approval" a process in which Jay will give you a big grin accompanied with a thumbs up letting the cast know that we may have a masterpiece on our hands. Jay doesn't let up and is excited to see the project into finality, that energy is contagious on set and we all don't want to let him down.



Director - Lead Puppeteer - Writer - Editor

Brady Tulk wears as many socks as he does hats on the team. He loves seeing content come together. Collaborative by nature, he believes content is better when everyone on the team can have creative input and put in a bit of themselves into the project.

"The best thing about making videos is I can't do it alone."

Though this all sounds great on paper, Brady is a true diva that can't work without adequate snacks and ambient lighting.

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