Avid sock enthusiast Johnny Zero is producer and co-creator of Sock Puppet Parody.


While Johnny is the oldest member of the crew, he is often confused for the youngest due to his tenacious attitude and limitless energy. When he isn’t complaining about the youngsters on the crew, he is being one himself.


Johnny is quite literally the sock drawer of Sock Puppet Parody.

Grandpa level: Veteran.



When he’s not quoting Conan the Barbarian or referencing The Big Lebowski, JT is the music madman responsible for all the music performances behind Sock Puppet Parody.


Why a platinum-selling and two-time Grammy nominated producer would want to work with sock puppets…We will never know. He is bat-sheet insane, like the rest of the crew.


He paints his nails and colors his hair, all in the name of rock n roll. Though he looks like Dave Navarro’s homeless cousin, his work speaks for itself.

Oh, and Johnny’s misuse of the word “literally” makes his brain hurt.



Carolina is the self proclaimed “puppet master”, i.e. she builds the puppets from the ground up. She’s small, but packs a mighty punch. Her sass is unparalleled and she doesn’t like to be ignored. She will drag unsuspecting hand models into the costume room to be a mannequin for hours on end. Even with constant resistance to work, she has been with Sock Puppet Parody since the beginning. She is an original member and has helped create the style the show follows. What she says goes. Her style is unmatched, she comes from her own reality and that inspires everyone else’s to become more creative.


Carolina is the dear girlfriend of Brady Tulk. Her insatiable love for puppies does not further her career but she can be seen petting as many dogs as she can in the Dallas area

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Brady leads the Sock Puppet Parody production as the director. He has a never ending supply of motivation and puns, both of which are important to carry the team. However, the proportion of his attentiveness is correlated with his current state of imagination: the more wrapped up in an idea, the less he is able to listen.

Luckily, he compensates with quick wit and ingenuity. Brady pushes the boundaries of fabric and paves the way for a second to none sock puppet show with literally a shoestring budget.


Brady is the dear boyfriend of Carolina Govea. His insatiable hunger brings him not only further in his career but also to many restaurants in the Dallas area.